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TPCB Faculty

Melinda Diver, PhD

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


PhD, 2015, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences

BSc, 2007, University of British Columbia

Research Topics

  • Bioactive Small Molecules
    • High-throughput screening assays
  • Macromolecular Structure and Function
    • X-ray crystallography
    • Cryo-electron microscopy

Therapeutic Areas

  • Neuroscience

Prof. Melinda DiverThe sensation of pain protects our bodies from harm, but maladaptive changes in this sensory modality can lead to debilitating persistent pain disorders. The Diver lab aims to enhance our biophysical and molecular understanding of sensory transduction and pain sensation and, specifically, how modulation of ion channels in primary afferent somatosensory neurons contributes to chronic pain. Our approach is comprehensive, combining high-resolution structure determination, electrophysiology, and high-throughput drug screening, thereby facilitating a broad understanding of ion channel function in pain, as well as the development of alternative pain therapeutics.

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