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Students’ Message

Campus life in the midst of New York City

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Welcome Message from TPCB Students

We are delighted that you are considering TPCB for your graduate studies!

The program offers a rich consortium of research labs that ultimately attracted us to this unique training opportunity. The proximity of the three institutions and the accessibility among campuses allow the forging of productive collaborations, often translational in nature. The program encourages us to rotate in labs at all three institutions, giving us the flexibility to explore different research areas, such as cryo-electron microscopy, total synthesis, and drug discovery and design.

We are also very enthusiastic about the program’s research-based curriculum, which allows us to focus on only those courses that are essential for a thorough understanding of our scientific interests. The absence of teaching requirements grants us the freedom to focus completely on our laboratory projects, giving every student the opportunity to produce high quality, breakthrough research.

In addition to its academic strengths, TPCB has all the advantages of being located in the heart of New York City. The three institutions are clustered together in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, forming a large biomedical center that feels more like a tight-knit community. Even in this bustling city, we are in our own small oasis, meeting with fellow students at the various student and faculty clubs or studying together at one of the many lounges on the Tri-I campuses.

We also often take advantage of everything that this large cultural center has to offer. With a plethora of museums, skyscrapers, restaurants, bars, and parks, NYC is a city where you can have great experiences that will last a lifetime! Thanks to the program’s generous stipend and subsidized housing, we have the chance to live affordably in Manhattan. We enjoy great housing on the Upper East Side, all in close proximity to the three institutions. Both in the laboratory and out on the town, you will find life at TPCB rewarding and exciting.

We hope that you will consider joining us!

TPCB Student Organizing Committee
Jaina Wollowitz (Chair) (she/her)

Anoosha Banerjee (she/her)
Colin Burdette (he/him)
Zhi’ang Chen (he/him)
Gabriella Chua (Past Chair) (she/her)
Ruiyang (Michelle) Guo (she/her)
Victoria Jordan (she/her)
Abigail Lemmon (she/her)
Victoria Rasmussen (she/her)
Kaylyn Spotton (she/her)
Lauren Vostal (she/her)
Nicole Walker (she/her)
Charles Warren (he/him)
Yang Xiao (he/him)
Noah Yardeny (Past Chair) (he/him)

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