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TPCB Faculty

Thomas Sakmar, MD

Rockefeller University


MD, 1982, University of Chicago

AB, 1978, University of Chicago

Research Topics

  • Bioactive Small Molecules
    • Rational drug design
    • Chemical probe development
  • Macromolecular Structure and Function
    • X-ray crystallography
    • Single molecule methods
  • Chemical Cell Biology
    • Cellular imaging
    • Proteomics
  • Biotechnology
    • Protein engineering
    • Nanotechnology
  • Computational Chemistry
    • Protein modeling

Therapeutic Areas

  • Diabetes
  • Neuroscience
  • Virology

photoRecent advances in molecular and structural studies of G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) have revolutionized drug discovery. The Sakmar lab uses chemical, biophysical and genetic methods to learn how signals from the outside of a cell are relayed across its membrane and into the cell’s interior. Much of their work is focused on elucidating the principles that underlie ligand recognition in GPCRs and understanding with chemical precision how receptors change conformation in the membrane bilayer when ligands bind.

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