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TPCB Faculty

Shixin Liu, PhD

Rockefeller University


PhD, 2009, Harvard University

BS, 2003, University of Science and Technology of China

Research Topics

  • Macromolecular Structure and Function
    • Enzymology
    • Single molecule methods
  • Chemical Cell Biology
    • Cellular imaging
  • Biotechnology
    • Nanotechnology

Therapeutic Areas

  • Cancer
  • Microbiology
  • Virology

photoBiochemical reactions in the cell are often coupled to each other in time and space, giving rise to new forms of function and regulation. The Liu lab uses single-molecule and genome-wide experimental tools to study the interaction, cooperation, and competition among key macromolecular machineries involved in gene regulation. We aim to better understand how fundamental gene expression processes, such as transcription, translation, and degradation, are integrated into a coherent network in the cell, how they coordinate in response to environmental changes, and how dysfunction of such coordination causes disease.

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