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Student Life in NYC

Life as a TPCB student

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TPCB students form a close-knit group within the broader Tri-Institutional research community. Our students arrive on campus during the summer of the first year, providing them with an opportunity to settle into the research environment and neighborhood and to get a feel for living in New York City before beginning classes in the fall semester. Orientation events are organized to introduce students to resources available to them and to provide advice on transitioning to graduate school and life in NYC. At the end of the summer, our students also participate in the Orientation activities of the broader graduate programs at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Our students receive a generous graduate stipend that readily accommodates the cost of living in NYC and allows them to focus on their research as well as to enjoy life outside of the lab. The program also covers all tuition and fees, and health insurance coverage is provided for both students and their dependent children. Further, students receive an individual research allowance annually that may be used for travel to scientific conferences, a laptop or tablet computer, scientific textbooks, and other research resources. Additional funds are provided to first-year students to assist with relocation expenses and official transcript fees.

The program provides all students with subsidized housing that is either on-campus or nearby in the neighborhood. Situated in the desirable Upper East Side of Manhattan, the program is located in a comfortable and safe neighborhood that provides a community feel, numerous local dining and shopping options, and easy access to restaurants, entertainment, sporting events, and sightseeing throughout the rest of New York City. Our students enjoy the convenience of living close to their research labs while also taking full advantage of the unparalleled cultural opportunities that NYC has to offer!

Further, the TPCB Social Committee hosts a variety of social gatherings and events throughout the year. The committee is open to all students and ensures that there are abundant opportunities to engage with each other outside of formal academic settings. At the annual meeting, volunteer coordinators for each event are appointed and changes are made to the yearly agenda. Events that the Social Committee organizes include: First-Year Orientation, a series of activities to welcome new first-year students to the program; New Year’s Party, a holiday celebration in January for TPCB students and faculty; Summer Barbeque, an summer gathering to enjoy food and drinks together; Fun Journal Club, a series of student presentations on quirky scientific topics over food and drinks; Happy Hours, a regularly scheduled time for students to get to know others in the program over drinks; and the TPCB Research-In-Progress Seminar Series, an internal meeting where students coordinate snacks and scheduling. In addition, the committee is always open to and looking for new activities that bring our community together.

2023–2024 Social Committee
Social Committee Chair: Noah Yardeny
Research-In-Progress Refreshments: Anoosha Banerjee
First-Year Orientation: Colin Burdette, Nico Carbone, Zirong Chen, Ruiyang (Michelle) Guo, Marina Shi
Holiday Party: Anoosha Banerjee, Nico Carbone, Deepika Nambiar
Fun Journal Club: Zirong Chen, Victoria Jordan, Charles Warren
Happy Hour: Nico Carbone, Jared Ramsey, Kaylyn Spotton, Noah Yardeny
International Students Group Chair: Ruiyang (Michelle) Guo
Peer Mentorship Coordinator: Victoria Jordan, Leandro Pimentel

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