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TPCB Faculty

Gabriela Chiosis, PhD

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


PhD, 1998, Columbia University

MA, 1994, Columbia University

BS, 1991, University of Bucharest

Research Topics

  • Bioactive Small Molecules
    • Chemical methodology
    • Rational drug design
    • High-throughput screening assays
    • Chemical probe development
  • Macromolecular Structure and Function
    • Mass spectrometry
    • Chemical Cell Biology

    • Chemical genetics
    • Cellular imaging
    • Proteomics
  • Biotechnology
    • Radiochemistry
  • Computational Chemistry
    • Docking
    • Protein modeling

Therapeutic Areas

  • Cancer
  • Neuroscience

photoResearch in the Chiosis lab is aimed at developing pharmacologic tools that selectively target the pathogenic role of molecular chaperones; understanding how molecular chaperones effect their specialized roles in pathogenic cells; and creating a map of disease-specific molecular alterations, using selective chaperone modulators. Our laboratory operates at the interface of chemistry, biology, and medicine.

Read more about Prof. Chiosis’s research on the Sloan-Kettering website

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